On-demand Webinar: Building a Foundation for Scalable ML and AI

Artificial intelligence is making its mark on every aspect of computing and graphs are playing a key role in AI and big data analytics, providing insights in many domains through traditional graph robot-3345160_640algorithms and graph neural networks.

As the size of these data sets increase, the computing power needed also increases and the software techniques to manage it becomes ever more critical.

Watch this special DBTA-hosted roundtable discussion featuring Roshan Dathathri, Sr. Software Engineer at Katana Graph, Josiah Vincent Solutions Engineer at Delphix, Phoebe Liu, Senior Data Scientist at Appen and moderated by Stephen Faig, Research Director at Unisphere Research and DBTA, to learn how to manage AI at scale utilizing clusters of machines and specialized hardware for processing large scale graphs. In addition, you will earn how Katana Graph and Intel are teaming together to analyze massive data sets and producing an efficient and scalable graph analytics and AI library that works across a wide variety of platforms.

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